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ismyotp is an OTP claims community. I'm sure you've all seen those large communities where people post who they want to claim for any such thing, like their lover, soulmate, enemy etc. This is the same concept, except it's all about those OTP's. OTP stands for 'One True Pairing'. Pairings can be fictional or real. Het and slash are also common in OTPs. Anywho, you probably wouldn't have joined if you didn't have any inkling of what this community was about, so happy claiming! you better read the rules or I'll shoot you.

Welcome to ismyotp, an OTP claiming community!

Claims List: A-M
Claims List: N-Z
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rules taken/edited from the_fucking
+ You must join and become a member.
+ Please check the claims lists (A-M and N-Z) before claiming your OTP. Lists go alphabetically by fandom.
+ First come, first serve. So please note that I've already claimed Hikato (Hey!Say! JUMP).
+ You may claim only ONE OTP. If I ever decide to change this rule, I'll let you all know.
+ "[YOUR OTP HERE] is my otp" is the format for your subject line. That's how I can tell you've read the rules.
+ In the actual post please make sure it looks like this: ONE and TWO ismyotp!

Be sure to replace "ONE" and "TWO" with your two characters/people. If you want you can use this form thing and copy and paste it in your post instead of typing it out:

+ TAG YOUR POST. Use the tags list here to help you find the right fandom. The tag should look like so: claim: fandom

If you are going to be dropping a claim, make a new post stating you are dropping your claim (please include the fandom and the OTP) and add the tag !dropping
+ If you plan on leaving the community, please keep in mind that your claim will be forfeited. Same rule applies if you delete your journal.
+ Please link back in any way to this community, either in your userinfo or a public post in your journal. No link back no claim.